Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Strong elbows and Tiger Woods

I swear Miss. Maren, just keeps getting funnier and funnier. I haven't blogged much about her, and this blog is meant to be a journal of our family. So here are a few memorable out takes from the Maren Files.

Maren and Devin were grilling out in the backyard the other day, and I got this text, since I wasn't home.
Maren said, "Watch me dad, I am going to be bigger than Tiger Woods." Then swings her stick golf club, and misses the golf ball. 

She and I were talking about fruit while she was eating her Mac and Cheese. I have had high hope for her lately, because she has really started to brave up and try new foods. I mentioned something about cherries, and she exclaimed, "oh, I like cherries. I had one on my ice cream. Cherries make me have strong elbows. Does Mac and Cheese make you have strong elbows?"

Speaking of strong elbows, Devin told Maren that she was strong, after he had finished helping her do pull ups on his pull up bar. "Ya, and strong too" Which she is getting strong, and dang skinny. All of her clothes are too short on her.

She is still an avid fan of Lady Gaga, and sits in her room on her bean bag strumming her guitar to Poker face. If she would let me get a picture or video of her I would post it. But she promptly closes the door in my face. She likes to perform behind closed doors.

I have been horrible about taking pictures lately{why this post is sans pics} with the weather being hit or miss still. We keep getting little spurts of sunny spring days, then a snow or rain storm. Come on spring!


Somer Love said...

seriously where do they come up with this shit?! Makena says the funniest things too!

Love them!


The Showalters said...

Love the kid funnies! They make my day. Happy birthday to you...hope it was a good one!

Lindsay said...

Why do they have to get shy when it comes to performing? Tessa will sing a little bit or dance and when she catches me watching she instantly clams up. Wish she wouldn't I would love to get her on video too...
Strong Elbows! that is cute...

Liz said...

HA! I found your new blog...like 2 years later, hee hee!! I can't wait to see her again, she is hysterical!