Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Maren's Preschool Christmas Program

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Maren's first preschool performance was quite the show. Literally she stole the show! I have no idea where this performer came from because Devin and I would rather die a thousand deaths than perform. She waved and smiled the entire time! It had us laughing so hard! They put a plastic the Snowman in the middle of the floor and had each of the kids take turns skipping around it with the pageant wave continued the entire way around. A bit later they laid giant candy canes down and had the kids skip over those. Pageant wave and smile the entire way down and back. It was hysterical!

I spent almost the entire time trying to figure out how to get a decent damn picture out of my camera! Luckily I have it on video. Hopefully I wont record over it like I did her dance performance.

I jokingly told her I was going to put her in pageants and make her wear fake teeth{flips} and get a fake tan. This made her mad. This was a week ago, and everyday since she has said something to me about not putting her in pageants. When I finally said, what do you know about pageants, she said, "You not talk about it anymore. Just keep it to yourself!" Well ok then. Looks like I wont be investing in flips, fake tans, and hair extensions in her near future.

Drama Queen

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Sunday, December 20, 2009

Holiday Gift Tags & Second Degree Burns

According to my mom and sister, all the stores are sold out of gift tags/labels. Well, Kenzie said there were kitten ones, but if you know my family, you know our distaste for cats. Instead of scrounging around stores, I scrounged around the Internet and found these free printable tags. These if you are making homemade goodies. And these wintry holiday tags for all your other gift giving needs.

Since this is our first home, in a way I felt obligated to be a domestic diva. My domestic obsession began when I checked out Jam it, Pickle it, Cure it AND OTHER COOKING PROJECTS from the library a couple months ago. This is not a book you would reference if you are looking for a 30 minute dinner, but on a lazy weekend when you are wanting to make ginger beer or orange marmalade. Yes, I want to spend my Sundays making marmalade-don't mock me.

From the book I got the ambitious idea of making smores kits for loved ones and neighbors. Homemade Graham crackers and homemade marshmallows. I was even going to flavor some of the marshmallows with almond extract, or roll them in toasted coconut. You want one now don't you?

I decided to have a practice run. So this past Wednesday, me and my little helper made the graham cracker dough, cut them out and went to put them in the fridge to set. On their way into the fridge, they all came sliding off the cookie sheet and onto the floor. I tossed into the garbage, and went to bed.photo, courtesy of http://cookbookcatchall.blogspot.com

Redo on Saturday, and this is how it went. Burned the living hell out of my pointer finger on the 240 degree corn syrup{kept my finger submerged in ice from 4:30 pm to 6:00am}, burned the motor out on my food processor, and for the grand finale, burned the graham crackers. So when my sister called me and said she had some leftover ingredients to make Chai Tea, I was all over it! I am just not telling my church going neighbors that it is caffeinated.
If you want to be ambitious, here are the recipes for grahams and
marshmallows. If you don't but you still like to bake or cook, the two websites I listed both have insanely yummy recipes you should checkout. If you make it through the baking process unharmed, will you please send some my way? Because I think this clumsy gal is not ever going to attempt them again.


Saturday, December 19, 2009

Did Y'all Miss Me?

Early Christmas gift=me back in the blogging world!! I now have a laptop who's USB ports work, so now I can post pictures.

Lets do a little catch up, shall we? Sad I have not been able to post any pictures of our house since we moved in this past June. To honest, you aren't missing much.

Owning a house comes with a learning curve for sure. We got a great deal on this little house built in 1978, which sat vacant for two years before we purchased it. It was flipped, but in a half assed way, so don't look too close.
All in all, we are just so thankful to have a little place to call our own.

For me, having a place of my own has made it more fun to decorate for the holidays. Last year while living at the motel apartment, I was a scrooge and didn't decorate at all.

Last year I kept my Christmas cards up all year

Sometimes I feel like I have a set of twins on my hands because this little one has a few different personalities and can flip them at the drop of a hat!
Tonight she was Miss. Model telling me to take her picture

She realized after I took this that she had left her toothbrush in,
so she told me to take another one

Yes, that is a Halloween shirt she is wearing for P.J. 's.
I am doing a bunch of laundry tonight

Merry Christmas

Friday, November 13, 2009

Mama's Holiday Wish Meme-Contest

1. What 5 items are top on your wish list this year?
-Sewing machine with lessons
-New purse
-Fancy digital camera
-New vacuum
2. What is your favorite handmade gift you have received?
-I can't remember receiving one. Hmmmmmm, I am sure that I have. But have the worst memory!
3. What handmade gift have you always wanted to tackle?
-Homemade decorations
4. What was the best Christmas present you received as a child?
5. What items are top on your kids wish list this year?
-zhu zhu pets are ALL I hear about!
6. What is your favorite holiday food?
-Mashed potatoes and lobster
7. What will you be hand crafting for the holidays?
-A homemade s mores kit
8. What is your favorite holiday movie?
-The Family Stone
9. Favorite Holiday song?
-Someday at Christmas-Jackson Five
10. Favorite holiday past time?
-Christmas Eve dinner

Monday, June 29, 2009

Love Life Saver

I had to apologize to my husband today, after being pretty mean to him last night. And then I read this little expression of love on the always inspiring blog the Nie Nie Dialogues, which made me feel bad again, but also feel good, knowing that even though Devin & I have some bumps in the road, he would no doubt be my life saver if needed.
This is Stephanie, speaking about the love of her life.
I didn't mean to, but I tuned her out for a few minutes because there out my window was Mr. Nielson. He was in his white shirt and jeans watering the flowers. He stood on the front porch, behind him dark thunder clouds gathering and the wind ever so slightly blowing his blonde hair. I had complete and utter love for that man. Partly lustful too. (I can say that) My heart swelled big and I couldn't take my eyes off him. Ohhh how I love him! How I need him!My mind wandered to the crash. Mr. Nielson saved my life. He opened the airplane door which was on fire, cleared a path for me breaking his toe and his back. It was heroic and knightly. He was motivated by love. He found his way to safety and looked back only to realize I was not following. His heart sank. He ran around to the other side of the plane just in time for it to go up in flames. He yelled and screamed my name over and over and I his...we just couldn't get to each other.I did get out and followed his path.My love for him is not of this world. It can't be broken by anything, not by and worldly ideas of what love is. Not by death. Nothing. Love is Godly, God is love. And we are his children. Our bond will carry us to the eternities and beyond. It's not cheesy, it's truth.Mr. Nielson just happened to turn to the window and give his trademark smile to me on the couch. I think he knew I was thinking of him.And Jane still continued to talk to me about making a picture of the day and one of the night. Then she asked what I was going to color and I told her:"daddy

Thursday, June 18, 2009

The Adventure Continues

We are in! Devin was officially sleeping at the house a couple weeks ago. Maren & I will be occupants a week tomorrow. A LOT still needs to be unpacked, but at least we are there right? We were so excited to move to a quite little cul-de-sac, away from busy Foothill Drive, until I got a knock on my door from my neighbor at the top of the street. This is what I know about Dave. Dave is a retired fireman, who has a bit of time on his hands. He is a wood carver, & head of the neighborhood watch program. Maren loves his gigantic carved bear that was unveiled from it's winter plastic wrap a few weeks ago, & his giant gnome nestled up against his house. He invited us to come over to look at the rest of his creations in his backyard. I will do it soon, & post pictures.

Back to the story. Dave raps at my door, "We have out first spotter of the year" pointing to the beat up Honda across the street. Spotters are cars who sit, usually with someone it, watching the neighborhood houses, & then your house is robbed. Dave then tells me that he knows from the neighbors in the circle over, that this car used to park outside of a house that they believe is selling drugs, but is now parking in our circle. This is where it starts to get good. He said to watch for the kids to come back, walk out, get as close to them as you can, then snap a picture! "We need a good profile picture." This was key moment to share that I had been assaulted, & not setting foot near anyone who could be under the influence. But I didn't tell him. We talked for a minute longer, then he went back to his fantasey land.

A few minutes later Zephyr is barking, & out my window, I see a young Asian boy sitting behind his car, then see Dave walk up inches in front of him, snap a picture & walk away. Still watching, the kid sees me, my sister, & Maren watching him; so he flips us off as he is driving down the circle. Then Dave is back, practically poking his head in the kids window. I was waiting for a gun shot, or at least a punch. But the kid drove off.

My sister told me that from her angle, she could see the kid, stuffing what looked like plastic bags in & out of a bottle, then tapped it under his car. I stepped outside to find out what he hell Dave said to him! He told the kid that he knew his car had been frequenting the house in the circle over, & that any unusual car in our neighborhood is going to be photographed and reported since the string of break ins last year. I told him about the the hand gesture, & the bottle. The kid told him he was taping his muffler.

Well, I am not bold enough to get up close an personal enough to snap pictures, but I will pick up duct tape, & a fresh cigarette butt as evidence & give it to Dave. He was a little overzealous about this.

We all know my dog is a worthless wimp of an attack dog, but he does have a ferocious bark, & is really big. This makes me feel a little better.