Saturday, January 23, 2010

Hope For Haiti

I have avoided any news coverage of the devastating earthquake that  hit Haiti just over a week ago. The reason being is because I was so disturbed and saddened by the Thailand tsunami of 2004. On Wednesday, I was geeking out to an NPR radio segment about the orphans of the end, I was heartbroken. Since then I have been wondering where and how I can help. I was relieved to see my friend post this link on her blog. It was my answer. Please help the lovely Haitian people if you can.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Hard to Love

Zephyr, One of my new years resolutions is to be more patient with you. After all your were my first very own fur baby. But you make it SO HARD to be nice to you. For hell's sakes, you are almost eight years old, and you still surf the counters on a daily basis, tear apart garbage, bark at everything, lay on my couch and my nice white leather chairs, and still have accidents in my house. If those things aren't bad enough, you tore apart our bathroom. The door, molding, frame, and wall!  This is by far one of the naughtiest things you have done to date.
     Really, most other dog owners would have given you to the pound by now! But you have moved with me six times, cuddled with me when I was sick or sad, let a little human child take your position as number one, and you protect our house.  Some days your good looks, and love that you and Maren have for each other are the only things that keep that spot for you on the couch.

     I do love you, and you will not become a pound puppy. Officially, you are a senior citizen-almost 52 in human years; and I do love you. Here's to your golden years my friend. May they be easy on all of us.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

She Like's to Have Fun

For about the past three months we have been sharing our lives with a giant blue cat-dragon . No this is not another pet I brought home. This is Maren's imaginary friend Toodee. Toodee hails from Winter Iceland, and is one of the life sized characters on a hugely popular kids show called Yo Gabba Gabba.
I remember the day Maren introduced me to Toodee. I was sitting at the kitchen table.

Maren: Mom, Toodee is here.
Me: Toodee. Who is Toodee?
Maren: My imaginary friend.
Me: What does Toode look like?
Maren: She is blue.
Me: Do you mean Toodee from Yo Gabba Gabba the T.V. show?
Maren: Yes

She likes to have fun

In a way I was a bit relieved that this new found friend is really an imaginary friend and not a little spirit friend. I find imaginary friends to be a bit on the creepy side, which I am sure stems from my intrigue of shows like Paranormal State, Hauntings. I am not sure why Toodee captured Maren's attention, she watches the show, but never asks to watch it like she does with the ever annoying Sponge Bob Square Pants. If it is on, it is on. I enjoy watching though to see what celebrities and bands are going to make a guest appearance. Jack Black, the Ting Tings, Elijah Wood, Andy Samberg, Tony Hawk, and the Roots have made an appearance on this whacked out show.

Toodee goes to dinner with us, preschool, the library, to st. George. I had to do Toodees hair the other morning before preschool-I just threw it back in a quick ponytail and called it good. Sometimes she takes showers with Maren, or we have make her dinner. There have been many times I have thrown things on the seat next to Maren in the car, and hear, "Hey, you just threw that on Toodee." "No, I asked Toodee to hold it for me."

I haven't heard much from Toodee in the past couple weeks. So when I asked Maren where Toodee has been, she told me that she has had the flu and has been at home with her mom.

Maren is a creative little thing and it is fun to see how she role plays with Toodee, or with her imaginary horses when she is playing cowgirl. But really, we do need to get a sibling here for her. A real live human to play with!

Saturday, January 16, 2010

New Years Eve was another fondue filled celebration for the three of us. I think a tradition has been made. After the cheesy goodness, we celebrated the new year about three hours early in order to get Maren to bed before midnight{she is a night owl and would have stayed up}by lighting a few fireworks. This made Maren a bit nervous, and drove the neighborhood dogs crazy so we made it quick. As outgoing as Maren is, she sure is a nervous Nancy when it comes to things that make loud noises or things with an incline. She didn't refuse to come outside this time around,and we did manage to get some nervous laughs and cautious smiles out of her. At least this year we rang in the new year with electricity. The year before at the motel, I was showing my mom a light switch that you are NOT supposed to flip, and what did I do, yep, flipped it. And we spent the next couple days with no heat or electricity in our apartment. Look, I didn't step into the room to show her, I reached around the corner and didn't look at which one I was touching. But for what reason my brain told my finger to flip it-I will never know.

New Years Day Eve, we had family over and stuffed ourselves on Mackenzie's scrumptious homemade pizza. It is so nice to have people over, but our kitchen is so itty bitty, and is such a hodge podge of chairs that it drives me crazy. Oh well, bigger kitchen later in life.

Oh, and another tradition was started in our little fam, Mother Goose. Yes, Mother Goose herself drops by on New Years, to leave you a little gift in your shoe that you placed the night before on the stair. This was a tradition I had growing up. According to my mom, she "thinks" it is a Dutch tradition, and she "thinks" that her grandma also had this tradition. Being that Google knows everything, I googled Mother Goose traditions, Mother Goose New Years, and a myriad of other possibilities and nothing came up. Regardless, we will keep the tradition going.

Happy and prosperous new year everyone.

Dang camera!

Maren shot this-Young photographer in training

Zephyr the demon dog always with his damn nose in EVERYTHING!

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Warming up bit

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Holidays 09

Christmas day came and went without me getting many pictures, yet again! Too lazy of a day to even snap some photos.

Christmas eve was spent at Nana and Papa's as usual, for a delicious dinner followed by some bell ringing and singing from the small ones. Our little cousin Rosie sang a couple songs in the most sweet little voice. Maren followed with her version of Jingle Bells, "Oh what fun it is tonight, in a one hum, mmmm, ummm sli."

After our bellies and spirits were full, we headed home to open up Christmas P.J.'s, and get Maren in bed.

Thankfully, Maren is also not an early riser, so at about 8:15 I could hear chit chat coming from in her room. "Zephyr did you eat Santa's cookies? Maybe Santa came?" She finally came in our room, and said, "I think Zephyr ate Santa's cookies!" It wasn't until Devin asked her who came last night, did the realization hit.

I don't know how Christmas mornings were at your house as a child, but mine went like this. Woke between 7 and 7:30{usually by younger siblings}, mom and dad would get themselves proper and head downstairs to the family room to make sure Santa had properly placed the goods. This part always drove me crazy, and then just angered me when I was in my hormonal teen years. Finally, Mom would yell, "Ok, line up." -And like the Von Trapp family, youngest to oldest, we would line up on the stairs.

Torturous amounts of picture taking would ensue, until finally we were let loose. Wow, we had amazing Christmas's. But back to the story about my "own" little family.

I had yet another, "Holy shit, that was so my mother." moment when I had Maren wait in our room until I was ready for the Christmas debut. Lighting. Check. Camera. Check. Camcorder. Check. presents positioned right? Check!

Let the squealing ensue Santa has a favorite little elf who was able to track down the elusive Zhu-Zhu Pets. These battery operated hamsters were the "must have toy this year, and would have Maren screaming everytime they came on TV. There were a couple times I came running because I thought she was hurt. Now after months of screaming, and a handful of tears, they are sitting in the playroom in the basement. Hardly been touched since Christmas! The talking doll house has been a hit, and still catches me off guard when I hear the doorbell dinging, since we don't have working doorbell.

After we finised our presents it was off to my moms for what used to be breakfast, but is slowly turning into brunch over the years.

Any ounce of Scrouge left me this year because Maren was sent into excitment enduced convulsions anytime she saw anthing having to do with Christmas or whenever mention of Christmas was uttered. Christmas truely is magical through a childs eyes.

Auld Lang Syne

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2009 was a pretty quite year with the most eventful thing being the purchase of our first home. As first time home owners, Devin and I have learned a few things.

1. Money doesn't go far
2. To check credentials if you hire someone off Craigs list
3. Not to wash carpet remnants in our new washer{I solely get the idiot stamp for this one}.
4. To make sure that the on/off valve is turned on, before you spend $60 for furnace guys to come and and tell you, "You would be surprised at how common it is for people to panic, or not know about the on/off valve before calling us." {Devin can take sole responsibility for this. He had forgotten he had turned it off.}
5. We have learned that all the poison bombs, bait, and coyote pee, does not deter the gophers in our yard.
6. Just because the house you are moving into has been flipped, does not mean that the flippers did a good job. Don't look to close at things the next time you visit.

I should have kept a running list of mishaps, because I know there are many more I am not remembering or ones that could result in a phone call from Devin scolding me about how some things should remain private, and not mentioned on our blog or Face Book.

I will give my unhandy man props for becoming more confident and acquiring more handyman skills. Even if it is instructions from the printout he Googled on how to fix your disposal, to adjusting your sprinkler heads{that was something even Google couldn't help with}.

Overall we are thankful just to have a little roof over our heads, with good
neighbors who let you borrow their ladders, take your garbage out when you forget, and who keep a watchful eye out for you and your house.

Among other events this past year, Devin and I celebrated our fourth wedding anniversary{eight years total}by making a quick trip to San Diego with our good friends Jeff and Natalie, and their sweet baby Luke.

Maren conquered potty training. Actually, as a trio, "WE" conquered potty training.

I opened up a little aesthetics room at a salon, a couple months only to leave because I was barley making booth rent, and because Natalie hooked me up with a sweet little part time position with the company she works for. It may sound strange, but I have so enjoyed working with the disabled again

Almost as astounding as purchasing a home, we FINALLY moved out of the motel, but are still managing and working up there four days a week. It has continued to be trying, in the aspect that we don't get as much family time together, but we are thankful to still have the extra income.

Maren started preschool, at a school where they learn through the arts. It has been perfect for my imaginative girl, and she adores it.

We lost our old family dog Ollie of 14 years, which has been hard. But Devin received a tiny fluff ball for Fathers Day that I picked up from a breeder off the side of the road on my way to Home Depot. As thrilled as Devin was, Fez has found a place in his heart for him.

Maren and I made our annual family Laguna beach trip, minus Devin. He had to stay home and bring home the bacon, and move us into our house. Maren continues to talk and dream about "Magoona", and we hear about going back at least once a week.

Devin continues to hold a successful position as GM. As with a lot of businesses, the hotel industry took a bit of a hit this past year. He remained positive, and the hotel has some prospects for the next year.

All in all, we remained happy, healthy, and halfway sane this year. But as always, I am looking forward to a new year. Be kind to us 2010.