Sunday, February 7, 2010

Is it Non American Not to Watch the Super Bowl?

 I have never been a fan of football. Look, I tried a couple times to have my dear husband explain the in's and out's to me; but I just don't care to get it. BORING! Give me a boxing match, and it is a different story. Boxing? I know. But I don't know why exactly? Both of them can scramble your brains and cause head, neck, and spinal injuries. Either way, the only time I pay attention to football is when I hear colorful language coming from the basement, or if I am sitting like I am now on the laptop, and he says, "Watch this." It is never a winning touch down, but without fail a torn ACL, broken collar bone, or potential paralyzation, or lastly, when there is a worthwhile half time. And since JT, and Janet, there hasn't been one. I can't imagine there will be any wardrobe malfunctions tomorrow with the Who playing. Have fun cheering on your teams, or your husbands teams.


The Cliftens said...

Why aren't you coming with us to the party?? I hate Football too!!

Lindsay said...

You are funny. I actually love football, but I didn't even know who was in the superbowl until right before! Actually the superbowl is the best because of the commercials! ha ha.