Saturday, January 2, 2010

Holidays 09

Christmas day came and went without me getting many pictures, yet again! Too lazy of a day to even snap some photos.

Christmas eve was spent at Nana and Papa's as usual, for a delicious dinner followed by some bell ringing and singing from the small ones. Our little cousin Rosie sang a couple songs in the most sweet little voice. Maren followed with her version of Jingle Bells, "Oh what fun it is tonight, in a one hum, mmmm, ummm sli."

After our bellies and spirits were full, we headed home to open up Christmas P.J.'s, and get Maren in bed.

Thankfully, Maren is also not an early riser, so at about 8:15 I could hear chit chat coming from in her room. "Zephyr did you eat Santa's cookies? Maybe Santa came?" She finally came in our room, and said, "I think Zephyr ate Santa's cookies!" It wasn't until Devin asked her who came last night, did the realization hit.

I don't know how Christmas mornings were at your house as a child, but mine went like this. Woke between 7 and 7:30{usually by younger siblings}, mom and dad would get themselves proper and head downstairs to the family room to make sure Santa had properly placed the goods. This part always drove me crazy, and then just angered me when I was in my hormonal teen years. Finally, Mom would yell, "Ok, line up." -And like the Von Trapp family, youngest to oldest, we would line up on the stairs.

Torturous amounts of picture taking would ensue, until finally we were let loose. Wow, we had amazing Christmas's. But back to the story about my "own" little family.

I had yet another, "Holy shit, that was so my mother." moment when I had Maren wait in our room until I was ready for the Christmas debut. Lighting. Check. Camera. Check. Camcorder. Check. presents positioned right? Check!

Let the squealing ensue Santa has a favorite little elf who was able to track down the elusive Zhu-Zhu Pets. These battery operated hamsters were the "must have toy this year, and would have Maren screaming everytime they came on TV. There were a couple times I came running because I thought she was hurt. Now after months of screaming, and a handful of tears, they are sitting in the playroom in the basement. Hardly been touched since Christmas! The talking doll house has been a hit, and still catches me off guard when I hear the doorbell dinging, since we don't have working doorbell.

After we finised our presents it was off to my moms for what used to be breakfast, but is slowly turning into brunch over the years.

Any ounce of Scrouge left me this year because Maren was sent into excitment enduced convulsions anytime she saw anthing having to do with Christmas or whenever mention of Christmas was uttered. Christmas truely is magical through a childs eyes.

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