Saturday, January 16, 2010

New Years Eve was another fondue filled celebration for the three of us. I think a tradition has been made. After the cheesy goodness, we celebrated the new year about three hours early in order to get Maren to bed before midnight{she is a night owl and would have stayed up}by lighting a few fireworks. This made Maren a bit nervous, and drove the neighborhood dogs crazy so we made it quick. As outgoing as Maren is, she sure is a nervous Nancy when it comes to things that make loud noises or things with an incline. She didn't refuse to come outside this time around,and we did manage to get some nervous laughs and cautious smiles out of her. At least this year we rang in the new year with electricity. The year before at the motel, I was showing my mom a light switch that you are NOT supposed to flip, and what did I do, yep, flipped it. And we spent the next couple days with no heat or electricity in our apartment. Look, I didn't step into the room to show her, I reached around the corner and didn't look at which one I was touching. But for what reason my brain told my finger to flip it-I will never know.

New Years Day Eve, we had family over and stuffed ourselves on Mackenzie's scrumptious homemade pizza. It is so nice to have people over, but our kitchen is so itty bitty, and is such a hodge podge of chairs that it drives me crazy. Oh well, bigger kitchen later in life.

Oh, and another tradition was started in our little fam, Mother Goose. Yes, Mother Goose herself drops by on New Years, to leave you a little gift in your shoe that you placed the night before on the stair. This was a tradition I had growing up. According to my mom, she "thinks" it is a Dutch tradition, and she "thinks" that her grandma also had this tradition. Being that Google knows everything, I googled Mother Goose traditions, Mother Goose New Years, and a myriad of other possibilities and nothing came up. Regardless, we will keep the tradition going.

Happy and prosperous new year everyone.

Dang camera!

Maren shot this-Young photographer in training

Zephyr the demon dog always with his damn nose in EVERYTHING!

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Warming up bit

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